To help those with physical, mental or emotional scars realize they can live beyond them with More Heart Than Scars. For people with More Heart Than Scars & their loved ones. From trauma to disease, together we transcend our visible and invisible scars!

"We are more than the sum of our parts." - Aristotle

We build relational necessities to provide conflict resolution for individuals dedicated to a personal, sustainable future. We help to bring an end to emerging mental negativity through dramatic changes in our environment by securing both mental and physical development goals to individuals as treatment to bring about mental clarity and positive physical change.

Global recognition of our agenda through the interconnectivity of team building bmey way of meaningful engagement with us is paramount. We strive to revitalize and maintain our activism through innovative team building excersizes. All while remaining cognizant of the fluctuative marginalization of our efforts when tasked with future challenges. This mindfulness allows us to reduce small-scale shifting of our organization through the promise of developmental safety protocol, team empowerment, focus and the impact on meaningful work for scalable change.

Lasting Change for Meaningful Support

Our diversity of human experience affords us the chance to invest in breakthrough. These insights allow our team members the chance to expand ownership over both the physical and mental set backs they have endured in their lives. This is where the meaningful work begins and the individual can begin working toward their full human potential. Social innovation of our nonprofit provides think tank solutions that drive positive outcome and donates to the positive awareness of both physical and mental independence. Our platform fascilitates forward progress and harnesses the resourcefullness of human enginuity.

Some of the benefits of working with More Heart Than Scars include...

  • An increased sense of belonging to increase interconnectivity.
  • Solutions that cross cultural boundaries to evoke a social catalyst for team building.
  • Transformative results that establish future succession of the MHTS message.
  • Courageous team leaders who make change possible.

The on-going development of forward-thinking outcomes is the prime directive of every partnership we fascilitate. It is the thinkers and doers who make change happen. These are the people who are courageous in their livelihood, and accelerate the assessment of mental healthnecessities within our communities who we wish to involve ourselves with. We seek both local and regional solutions that take action to enable growth and resolve issues that are at times very personal and difficult to overcome. We strive to nullify the turmoil of post traumatic stress, and encourage interpersonal growth. We drive our team members towards the implementation of personal accountability through our initiative for improving their quality of life. More Heart Than Scars is on the frontlines of mental health. We ask you to join us in our campaign to save lives one person at a time.